Lose Weight, Get in Shape, Rock Your Game!

Fitness Helped Jan Mills Overcome Huge Obstacles and Martin Mills Lower His Score

For both Jan and Martin, fitness is a cornerstone of both their personal lives and their coaching.

In Jan’s case, transitioning from life as a competitive athlete at age 23 to suddenly living with the ravages of MS, has been a tale of courage and tears, triumphs and struggles.

Jan has worked hard for many years to stay fit and keep her body functioning as well as possible despite the incursions of the disease. In fact, it is this dedication to taking care of herself that has made it possible for her to rise out of hospital beds time after time after experiencing bouts of paralysis.

Fitness for Jan means eating well, exercising, stretching, breathing, being centered, and finding a way forward in the face of significant challenges.

There is also a very strong mental aspect where Jan is thankful for the positives in her life and builds upon these. As a result, she has not only managed to live her life as an overcomer, she also continually inspires the people around her who see the grace with which she meets the difficulties of daily living. People do talk, and many who know Jan tell themselves, “if Jan Mills can handle all of that with a smile on her face and an encouraging word for everyone around her, then I too can make the best of whatever life sends my way …”

Fitness & Golf

As a professional golfer and personal trainer, Martin comes at fitness from a totally different direction.

In Martin’s case, he dedicated years of his life to a single-minded pursuit, to shave 10-12 strokes off his golf game and become a professional golfer. He set this goal at age 42, when most golfers have accepted that their game will only get worse with time. Martin achieved his goal after seven years of dedicated effort, and fitness played a key role.

From Day One, Martin made it a priority to pursue the highest levels of fitness he could personally achieve. He wanted to find a way to cope with the hundreds of thousands of golf swings that would be required to perfect his game, not to mention dealing with the grueling schedule of practice and competition and preventing other injuries small and large.

Martin got so deep into the field fitness that he took the next logical steps and became a Certified Personal Trainer with a Specialty in Nutrition and Weight Loss and a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor (CGFI).

All of his study and hard work paid off, as he achieved his goal and lowered his handicap to zero and became an accomplished competitive golfer in the process.

Martin’s approach to fitness includes balancing cardio, resistance training, and stretching, with special attention to diet, nutrition, and supplementation. Martin eventually decided to offer personal training and fitness coaching to private clients, and the methodology he developed for himself has proved itself over and over through the experiences of his clients

Health & Fitness Programs Offered by Martin Mills

Our 28 day Lifestyle Re-Set Program is designed to help you lose those cravings, drop a few inches and start on a new, healthy, lifestyle path.

Our program includes:

  • 5 day Re-Set Program is a simple approach to help you make a clean break from unhealthy foods
  • 28 days to help you lose weight and set new smart and healthy eating habits
  • Personal Food Journal (28 Days)
  • Health Risk, Lifestyle & Nutrition Assessment reports
  • Personal coaching
  • Warm Up & Stretching Routines

Personal Training:

• Personal Fitness Assessments (Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Metabolic Rate, Cardiovascular Profile, Set Baseline)
• Customized Work Out Programs
• One-On-One Personal Training Sessions

TPI Physical Screens:

A TPI physical screen is used in conjunction with other industry standard movement screens to create a complete picture of the physical issues holding you back from playing your best golf. The TPI philosophy states:

“We do not believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for all golfers to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do”

A golfer can only do what they are physically capable of doing. It is completely illogical to try and get a golfer to turn more, for example, when he is physically incapable of doing so due to physical limitations or injury. Too often instructors resort to prescribing drills to correct swing flasws without addressing the underlying physical causes – a total waste of the clients money!

A TPI Screen is designed to evaluate the following:

  1. Mobility – this is your range of motion and flexibility. Click here to see Martin’s stretching routine.
  2. Stability – this is your balance, strength and endurance. Click here to see a sample of typical corrective exercises

We do this by evaluating your:

  • Skill
  • Function and;
  • Foundation

Your skills are evaluated during our video analysis of your swing. At this time we may identify certain swing characteristics which point to an underlying physical issue. Typical swing faults found are:

  1. S-Posture
  2. C-Posture
  3. Loss of Posture
  4. Flat Shoulder Plane
  5. Early Extesion
  6. Over the Top
  7. Sway
  8. Slide
  9. Reverse Spine Angle
  10. Hanging Back
  11. Casting or Early Release and;
  12. Chicken Winging

It is during the evaluation of your Foundation that we address the issues of stability and mobility. Failed results during the screen reveals the physical limitations that are contributing towards your swing characteristics described above.

Once these limitations have been isolated a corrective exercise program can be administered to improve your underlying conditions.

Cost (includes TPI Screen and home exercise program:          $250.00