A Proven Approach to Shaving Strokes Off Your Game


Martin Mills did not have any illusions about playing at the level of top PGA Tour professionals. But he did believe that by studying the fundamental points of the game, understanding ball flight physics , refining the strategy behind situational decisions, working on the mental aspects of the game and by making a commitment to extensive practice and personal fitness, he could attain his goal.

It took him seven years.

Martin became a professional golfer and in fact went on to play in some mini-tour eventsĀ in his late forties and early fifties. At an age when most golfers were happy to make the occasional birdie and not take the game too seriously, Martin began to win tournaments, including a professional event in Las Vegas, Nevada, against an international field of professional golfers!

In his pursuit to become the best he could be, Martin did not simply become good at his own game; he also discovered that he has a gift for imparting to others the valuable lessons that he was learning along the way.

As a result of his journey, Martin became an expert on all aspects of the game but especially the short game and putting. He is a certified FitĀ²Aim Putter Fitting Specialist and has been certified as a club fitter by the Golf Club Makers Association of America. Martin is also a Certified Golf Teaching Professional and held memberships in the United States Golf Teachers Association and the International PGA. During his tenure Martin became the Instructor for AimPoint Golf and was the BC Southern Interior representative. He was privileged to study under such notable top 100 instructors as Dr. Craig Farnsworth, putting coach to Nick Faldo, David Orr, putting coach to Justin Rose and Mark Sweeney, founder of AimPoint Golf. Martin also became a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional to further enhance his knowledge as a Personal Fitness Instructor. The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certification is a rigorous evidence-based training program providing a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing. Seven of the past twelve major championships and thirty-three of the past fifty-seven PGA tour events were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Professional.

Martin Mills is a TPI Certified Professional

Martin Mills is a TPI Certified Professional