Putting is a multi-faceted process. To be successful you need to be able to properly read the greens, start your putt on the correct line, have proper weight (speed) control, have a putter fitted to your unique ability to aim and finally, have the confidence in all these areas in order to successfully execute a putt. Think about this for a minute. If you can’t read the greens how can you ever start a putt on line? If your putter is not properly fitted, how can you have any confidence in your ability to start the putt on line? If your speed control is off, the putt may break to early or too late! It is an endless circle but there is hope! You can have your putter properly fitted. You can learn to read the greens properly and you can learn speed control. Here is my 7 STEP PROGRAM that will guarantee improvements in your putting!

STEP 1 – Get your putter fitted. If you are taking lessons from a professional and you have NOT had your putter fitted – walk away. It is crucial to have confidence in your equipment, knowing that it has been set up to maximize your physical abilities and aim. Putter fitting is much more than loft, lie angle and grip measurements that you get from your local golf shop. FIRST: we assess the static issues such as loft, length, lie angle, grip size, weight, head shape, alignment aids and offset. SECOND: we assess the dynamic elements of the stroke using computers and high speed cameras analyzing such things as: alignment at address, alignment at impact, centredness of contact, path at impact, stroke rotation and tempo. THIRD: we assess your speed control abilities in real conditions on the putting green. Here, various weighting and counter weighting options are tried until we find the one that best matches your abilities! After this 3 step process i guarantee that you will putt better!

STEP 2 – Reading the greens. As a former AimPoint Green Reading Instructor I learned that there are 4 strategic elements to properly reading a putt – Slope of the greens, Angle to the fall or straight line, Distance from the cup and Resistance of the surface or green speed (SADR). My program will educate you on these variables and teach you the essentials of how to accurately read the greens.

STEP 3 – Charting Greens: Next we will teach you how to chart your greens. With some simple tools – IPAD, level, tape measure and note book you can create your own green charts similar to what the professionals use. It is an indispensable aid that will improve your green reading, help you better determine your starting line and increase your putt make percentage!

STEP 4 – Perception! This is where your brain and body merge to consolidate the time, space and distance variables of your putt. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Craig Farnsworth, putting coach to Nick Faldo and others, for teaching me the role of perception in your putting. Your brain directs your body so understanding how your eyes and brain interpret the data is critical to your improved putting. At this step, we will assess your perception and teach you how this impacts your putting!

STEP 5 – Practice Drills: This aspect of my program involves practice drills that make a difference. These are drills that I learned from touring professionals and putting coaches such as Mark Sweeney, David Orr, and Craig Farnsworth.  These drills incorporate all aspects of putting such as green reading, starting a putt on line, weight (speed) control and pressure. Yes, pressure! It is easy to make putts when it doesn’t count but how are you when the pressure is on? These drills will provide you with the real life pressure that you need to face when trying to win your club championship or your first professional event.

STEP 6 – Visualization: The mind controls the body so learning to match what your mind sees with what your body feels is another critical step to making putts. Through guided meditation and visualization exercises you will learn to optimize the Mind/Body connection to your advantage.

STEP 7 – Book your Fitting: Call us today to book your program. Download a copy of our fitting brochure here.

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