Putter Fitting

Putter Fitting:

Considering that 40-45% of your total score is with the putter, doesn’t it make sense to have your putter custom fit to your unique abilities? The Pro’s do and so should you!

Jon Karlsen from the Norwegian School of Sport Science conducted a study in 2010 that revealed a number of interesting statistics with regard to missed putts. One fact was that 34% of missed putts were due to poorly fit equipment.

We offer two options for your consideration:

  1. Measure and adjust your current putter using our systems outlined below to optimize your setup. Adjustment parameters included are: length, lie angle, loft, weight or grip
  2. Or if current putter cannot be adjusted in accordance to your needs then we will use our system to design a custom fit putter for you

Custom Putter Fitting:

Our state of the art putting studio combines the very best technologies and techniques for custom fit putters. What does that mean for you? A custom fit putter designed for your unique abilities. We go above and beyond typical “store fitting” that only consider length, lie angle and loft of the putter.

We utilize a combination of the following technologies to ensure you get the very best putter fitting experience ever!

  • Fit²Aim Putter Fitting Method
  • TOMI High Speed Computerized Analysis
  • Tour Lock and Opti-Vibe Weighting Systems


Fit²Aim Method

This was developed by PGA Professional Chris Aoki in 1998. The Fit²Aim Method works on the premise that every individual has a unique ability to aim the putter. Chris noted that the combination of the following design factors all had an effect on the aim of the putter head:

  • Length
  • Lie Angle
  • Loft
  • Hosel Design and Offset
  • Head Style
  • Alignment Aids

Each of these variables is interchangeable and can be tested to determine the best aim. Once the best combination of these variables has been determined, you will have a putter that you can reliably aim at the target, while neutralizing the stroke and optimizing the putter path.









The Studio:










The picture sequence below demonstrates part of our process:


But this is only the first step in the process. The fitting system also allows us to examine, test and improve other factors such as posture, eye position, and body movement due to the new relationship of aim relative to the putting stroke. All of these parameters are then tested with the TOMI High Speed Computerized Analysis System to further refine and perfect your fitting session!

TOMI High Speed Computerized Analysis:

TOMI (The Optimal Motion Instructor) is a breakthrough new putting training system designed to help golfers understand the flaws in their putting strokes, fix those flaws, and sink more putts! Utilizing high speed cameras and sophisticated computer software, TOMI analyzes 8 critical functions of your putting stroke:

  • Alignment at AddressPF4
  • Alignment at Impact
  • Path at Impact
  • Stroke and Path Rotation
  • Shaft Angle
  • Impact Spot
  • Speed at Impact
  • Stroke Tempo


The following (8) screens give you an example of the parameters tested and reports generated during your fitting session:










Tour Lock Pro and Opti-Vibe Weighting Systems:

We then work on the counter-weighting principles to further enhance your “feel”. The Tour Lock Pro and Opti-Vibe Moveable shaft weights allow us to customize the balance and feel of your putter so that your mind and body produces a stroke as closely matched as possible!

PF13 PF14

Tour Lock Counter Weights and Opti=Vibe moveable shaft weights.


Finally we consider the grip. This is a very personal area as the grip is the only place of contact with the putter. Once your grip has been determined our final stage is to ensure that the grip is properly installed and centered on the shaft. We utilize a proprietary laser system to test this. The picture below shows a putter grip that has been installed several degrees closed. Unless compensations are made in the stroke, this putter would consistently miss left. Remember that every 1 degree off at 5 feet produces a 1” miss! The putter shown below is off by more than 4°, which could translate to a 4” miss at 5 feet!!


Our ultimate goal is to create a putter that you can reliably aim, confidently stroke and produces a repeatable “feel”, leaving you to focus on your green reading!

Download our brochure here Trifold Putter Fitting Brochure