Health Coaching

Benefit from the Research and Findings that Have Made a Difference

Both Jan and Martin Mills have done a lot of research over the years to find ways to attain optimal health. Jan of course was dealing with the effects of MS on her body, while Martin needed to find ways to withstand the strain of his years as a professional golfer.

Jan and Martin believe in a preventative and holistic approach to health through nutrition and fitness. They also look for tools and technologies that will help them and their clients address or overcome specific challenges. Two of the most important companies for preventive and restorative health are Sanoviv Medical Institute and the Thorp Institute.

Sanoviv Medical Institute

Sanoviv Medical Institute is a state-of-the-art facility that offers alternative, holistic and integrative health programs to treat a wide range of diseases. Both Jan and Martin have been through a variety of programs at Sanoviv which has made an amazing difference in their health.

Sanoviv’s approach is hand-tailored to suit each client’s individual biochemical make-up, using a customized protocol developed for each client. They have achieved extraordinary results for clients through a completely integrated team of medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, chiropractors, nutritionists, fitness experts and spa therapists. They offer a toxin-free facility, organic meals and a relaxing oceanside environment to help build client health up from the cellular level. Contact Jan Mills for more information about Sanoviv.


Thorp Institute

The Thorp Institute offers a product called the Electro-Acuscope, which has helped Jan heal specific neurological issues related to MS and has helped Martin with recovery from sports-related injuries.

Jan Mills and Assistant demo the Acuscope.

Jan Mills and Assistant demo the Acuscope.


Endorsed by top athletes such as Terry Bradshaw and Jack Nicklaus, the Acuscope is one of the most effective forms of pain relief therapy available, helping relief of arthritic pain and other types of acute and chronic pain.

Originally used with great success in treating athletic injuries, Acuscope therapy has become a leading treatment for supplying pain relief management, healing neurological tissues, and providing electrical nerve stimulation for all body tissues and systems. The Acuscope emits micro-current electrical waves that stabilize and relax the damaged nerve cells. A technician first uses the Acuscope to gain an electrical reading of the body and its injured areas. Through biofeedback from the body, the Acuscope’s microcomputer issues the correct waveforms to stabilize the patient’s nervous system and connective tissue currents. This subsequent relaxation allows further treatment through cellular electro-stimulation to be more effective.

Contact Jan or Martin Mills for more information on the Acuscope.