Nutrition: If you want to gain a Competitive Edge as a golfer or athlete, start with this cornerstone.

We believe in a complementary approach to nutrition that includes Organic Whole Foods and Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplements!

Whether you want to compete with today’s elite athletes or just want to win your club championship, nutrition is one of the key factors in your success. The physical demands of becoming a competitive golfer are enormous. If you want your body to respond the way it should, with a peak performance, then you need to pay attention to your nutrient intake. And this is more than just calories in vs. calories out! The quantity is not as important as the quality.

We believe in a complementary approach to nutrition that includes a diet full of nutrient dense Organic Whole Foods and supplemented with Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplements from USANA Health Sciences. (See our program below) We take a full spectrum of supplements in part because today’s food supply is compromised with toxins, depleted soils, herbicides, pesticides, polluted air and water sources – even nuclear waste (Fukushima)! It is virtually impossible to get all your nutrients from your diet as much of today’s foods come from packaged, processed and preservative treated foods!

This is our program we choose to follow:

  • Our diet is gluten free
  • Our diet is dairy free
  • We do not eat red meat
  • We do eat chicken and fish from free range or wild caught sources
  • We do eat 3-6 servings per day of vegetables from the full rainbow of colors
  • We do eat 2-4 servings of fruit each day
  • We eat protein with every meal
  • We start our day off with a USANA meal replacement shake full of fruits, vegetables and essential fatty acids (See some of our favourite recipes below!)
  • We drink plenty of fresh water every day
  • We drink green tea or herbal teas
  • We do not drink alcohol
  • We take a full, synergistic, regimen of multi-mineral/multi-vitamin and optimizers from USANA Health Sciences

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